In Kiev, a drunken hijacker fell asleep in a stolen car

In Kiev, a drunken hijacker fell asleep in a stolen car


Patrol police arrived on a call from an eyewitness who reported a suspicious person. At the scene, they found a Ford car with broken glass and a man resting in the back seat with signs of severe intoxication.

After watching the video from the surveillance cameras, the police found out that the detainee had broken the glass of the car and was trying to drive it away. The man was unable to continue moving, so he moved to the back seat to rest. The case was reported by the Kiev Patrol Police and posted on Facebook.

The man refused to pass the examination. The patrol officers drew up a report on him under Part 1 of Art. 130 (Driving while intoxicated) КУоАП. The inspectors detained a 20-year-old citizen, summoned the owner of the vehicle and the investigative-operational group of the Darnytsia police department to the place.

What exactly prevented the man from leaving the crime scene (except for alcohol in the blood), the police did not specify. If the events took place in America, one would assume that there were difficulties with driving a car on a “mechanic”, as happened recently with intruders in the suburbs of Detroit.

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