In Kiev, a service to validate Parking tickets

In Kiev, a service to validate Parking tickets

Metropolitan drivers continue to Park the cars in inappropriate places. However, after entering the street inspectors in the Parking lot of such would-be drivers became in times less.

The traffic situation in Kiev began to change gradually. Drivers have increasingly begun to use the Parking lots and outdoor Parking areas and not to leave cars on sidewalks and in the traffic lane. After paying the fine it turns out more expensive than just stand up for paid Parking. However, there are still drivers who ignore the rules, for which he received a fine from inspectors, according to the Auto Informant with reference to the position of Director of the Department of information and communication technologies KGGA Yury Nazarov in Facebook.

The inspectors have the right to issue a fine without the presence of the driver. A foreclosure, they leave under the windshield. In order to verify the presence of the fine and learn the essence of the violation was created “Personal account” of the driver on the website In the “Search” field, you enter the number of the received notification (10 digits) and the system will take you to the map service “Mein”, where will be marked the location of the violation, date and time, as well as photos and a description of the violation. Then the system will offer to pay the fine online.

Note that using the service “Mein” you can also learn about the evacuated cars. To do this, the owner of the car, which found him in abandoned in place, you need to open the service, find its Parking place and you can read detailed information about the offense. There you can find the address of the impound lot and its contact number.

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