In Kiev began to fine for unpaid parking

In Kiev began to fine for unpaid parking


Kiev parking inspectors in May began to fine car owners for non-payment of parking in paid parking lots. was informed about this by the Department of Transport Infrastructure of the Kyiv City State Administration.

When and who needs to pay for parking

Parking fees are charged on weekdays between 8:00 am – 10:00 pm. On weekends, parking at paid parking lots in Kiev is free. Also, you do not need to pay for parking on Independence Day, Constitution Day, Kiev Day and Victory Day over Nazism.

People with disabilities and war veterans can park for free.

How much does parking cost

The cost of an hour of parking depends on the territorial zone of paid parking:

  • Zone I (10 UAH / hour for one place);
  • Zone II (7 UAH / hour);
  • Zone III (5 UAH / hour).

You can pay for parking only in a non-cash form. Inspectors check the payment within a few minutes using an electronic system (eg via a tablet). Inspectors leave a printed message about the fine with a QR code on the cars of violators.

You can pay for parking through the Kiev Digital application, as well as using paper and electronic coupons. The paper version should be placed under the windshield of the car. This rule does not apply to payments for parking with entry and exit terminals.

At the same time, the only parking operator is KyivTransParkService. If the driver “paid” for parking for unauthorized persons, he will still be obliged to pay a fine, the Department of Transport Infrastructure notes on Facebook.

What is the amount of the fine

For unpaid parking, a fine is 20 times the cost of an hour of parking (UAH 100-200).

“Non-payment of paid parking means non-payment for more than 10 minutes of using a paid parking lot,” the Department notes.

A fine of 30 times the cost of an hour of parking is also provided (150-300 UAH). It is received by drivers who do not have benefits, but have parked their car at privileged places. You will have to pay the same amount for parking in the wrong place.

In less than the first month, inspectors have already fined 871 drivers.

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