In Kiev continue to evacuate cars: any locations inspectors

In Kiev continue to evacuate cars: any locations inspectors

The active work of the inspectors by Parking on the streets of Kiev has already given its first results. The traffic situation began to stabilize, and motorists, before Parking his car, started reminiscing about the existence of SDA. However, the situation has not changed everywhere.

In the capital, a huge number of parks both municipal and commercial. Despite mass evacuations, there are still motorists who leave their cars in the wrong place, thereby causing inconvenience to other road users. This time, the inspectors went on a RAID to the Central station, according to the Auto Informant with a link to the page “Inspection Parking” in Facebook.

The inspectors evacuated all the cars that were parked with violation of traffic Rules, and significantly interfere with the passage.

“The inspectors are working on Parking near Central station – the face of Kiev, which should be neat and exemplary,” commented on the service.

Another dose of the show or the promised “pokraschennya”? What do you think?

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