In Kiev counted the number of cars

In Kiev counted the number of cars


In just 6 years, the number of cars in Kiev has increased 1.7 times and exceeded 1 million. Vitali Klitschko shared other statistics about the Kiev vehicle fleet.

The Kyiv City State Administration has counted how many cars there are in Kiev now, and these figures are terrifying. Vitali Klitschko said that at the moment there are about 1,060,000 cars in Kiev. It is hard to imagine that only 6 years ago there were “only” 620 thousand cars in Kiev. That is, since 2015, the number of cars has increased 1.7 times. This is a very rapid growth that everyone felt.

Klitschko shared other statistics. 60% of cars belong to Kievites (or those living in Kiev), 30% – to residents of the suburbs. The remaining 10% is accounted for by transit transport. According to experts, every day Kiev drivers, in addition to the time required to overcome the required distance, spend an average of 45 minutes in traffic jams. This is approximately 207 hours or 9 days a year.

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