In Kiev, drivers made a “New Year’s tree”

In Kiev, drivers made a “New Year’s tree”


Motorists of Kiev and Kiev region continued the tradition of collecting a Christmas tree from vehicles. More than 300 cars took part in the event this year.

Cars lined up in the form of the traditional symbol of the New Year in the parking lot of the shopping center, turning on the headlights and emergency lights. In addition, some car owners have decorated their cars with garlands, so that the drone view gives a vivid view.

The video with the “car tree” was published by the Telegram channel “Typical Kiev”.

“During the performance, motorists completely immersed in the New Year’s atmosphere made wishes and sang New Year’s songs,” the message says.

Last year, motorists in Kiev and Kharkov staged a competition for the title of the largest New Year’s figure of cars. Kharkiv won, where 1065 cars were assembled in the form of a festive tree – twice as many as in Kiev.

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