In Kiev launched another route for Uber Shuttle

In Kiev launched another route for Uber Shuttle

Uber introduced UberShuttle in Kiev a month ago, offering people an affordable option of a joint match for daily use with a guaranteed place in a quality van. To date, more than 2,000 people used the service at least once.

The pilot service started with two routes, and this week Uber is launching a new route ? Khreshchatyk – Besarabka (and back).

Statistics in the first month of work UberShuttle in Kiev

Route L1 (from Kaunas streets to the metro station “Lybidska” and Vice versa) currently is the most popular route, especially in the morning, in the direction of the Lybidska.

The maximum number of passengers that are simultaneously used by the same vehicle ? 16. The average user UberShuttle makes 3 trips per week.

In the same way as UberX drivers get UberShuttle assessment in the application. The average rating of the driver UberShuttle is 4,92 of 5.

The greatest number of trips in UberShuttle committed by the same user ? 31 trip; this means that the passenger used UberShuttle almost every day from may 22 to today.

UberShuttle ? it is a product, first introduced in Kiev, which incorporates the technology of Uber urban mobile network to ensure the safe, smooth and efficient travel. Kiev is the first city in Europe which launched a pilot service UberShuttle, ? and this is an important step, as Uber expands its platform beyond just ridesharing, offering users more alternatives to owning a car.

Shuttle ? the latest addition to the Uber app in Kiev, along with the recently introduced electric Green Uber, UberX, Select, and Black Van. Last year, Uber introduced a delivery service-Uber Eats in the Ukrainian market.

Earlier, Uber has assured that the Shuttle service will be a partner, not a competitor to public transport