In Kiev on the Dnieper river started floating limousine

In Kiev on the Dnieper river started floating limousine

Despite the fact that limousines on the roads of Ukraine still attract attention, to impress them it is unlikely someone will succeed. You can not say about the limo, which moves in the water like a boat.

Unusual limousine was noticed by the residents and guests of Kiev. Unlike their long counterparts, it moves not on the road and on the water. This “miracle” runs along the Dnieper river and to date has no analogues in the world.

Amphibious vehicle built on the basis of motor boats that has the body of a limousine Lincоln Tоwn Car, completely untouched. The saved and chrome wheels, which rotate during the movement, creating the effect of flying over water.

Ride on a limousine and enjoy the view of Kiev, everyone can. On Board can accommodate up to 8 people. The cost of an hour of skating is 2600 UAH. Despite the rather high price tag, wanting to ride on unique water craft a lot.

According to the owner, this Aqua-Limousine is the only one in the world. While it works in test mode, but the demand for rides is very high. Dusko intends to patent the invention and to produce a few of these limousines.

Aqua limousine, Kiev, Dnipro, Summer 2019. Life is beautiful! 😉

Posted by Alexander Dusko Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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