In Kiev photographed a police car charm

In Kiev photographed a police car charm


In Solomenskiy district of the capital took a picture of a rather unusual car. Moreover, that in itself is a rare car for our roads, so she still atypical “equipment”.

Before us was a police car in the USA (I did Not expect to see in Ukraine?). As for the models, as found OBOZREVATEL, is an iconic sedan Chevrolet Caprice IV generation.

However, it is difficult to say whether it is the original “police car”. On the one hand, to bring such a car from the US is easy, plus all the necessary attributes are met: the machine has the correct coloring (black and white), there is the inscription and coat of arms of the police, the flasher is established and “kenguryatnik” to RAM, and instead of the usual wheels – special reinforced wheels and tires. But on the other – too fresh looks “painting” like of the vehicle age under 30 years, which, moreover, still ruthlessly exploited in the service.

One way or another, but this is a really interesting instance on our roads. In the comments to the photo, which was posted on Facebook, one user said that he had repeatedly seen this car on the resurrection array (in Kiev), that’s only for the night the owner takes away the flashing lights – apparently, that is not stolen.


Note that the Chevrolet Caprice IV generation was produced from 1990 to 1996. This is a fairly large sedan with a frame body structure, which is equipped with engine V8 (volume 4.3, 5.0 and 5.7 litre) and automatic transmission. It was manufactured for police and civilian market.

What do you think, what it to us has brought?

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