In Kiev, want to raise the cost of Parking in 10 times

In Kiev, want to raise the cost of Parking in 10 times


In the center of Kiev the cost of Parking, depending on the zone, is from 5 to 10 hryvnia per hour and this rate has not changed for several years. The plans of the city authorities to increase it to at least 50 UAH/hour and to restrict, but to revise the tariff at city hall have the power.

According to the Informant the Money with reference to the edition “Today”, according to the Kyiv city state administration, during the year the number of cars in the capital has increased by 15%, and it is about 150 thousand cars. Because of this, the city compounded the problem of shortage of places for Parking.

“One of the main reasons for this growth connected with importation and legalization “EuroBLECH”. It is listed on the city traffic. It is devastating: roads, bridges, transport hubs overloaded, plus transit transport – the city for so many a car is simply not designed,” explained the head of the inspection by the Deputy Director of Department of transport infrastructure KSCA Dmytro Rakhmatullin.


When preparing a transport model of Kyiv in 2014-2015, the capital was 213 cars per 1000 inhabitants. Now – more than 300 cars.

“With the cost of Parking in the city center in 10 hryvnia per hour, we now record 100% of filled Parking spaces in the first zone. Alas, this rate has long been outdated. People leave their car all day, and it’s up to 10 hours of time for 10 UAH/hour is 100 UAH per day. And most of them do not pay! Because the penalty for failure to pay they, too, are not afraid – as it 200 hryvnias. However, if you pay it within 10 days with 50% discount, then get all the same 100 UAH.

In the end we have a kind of roulette game: not fined for non-payment – 100 UAH won. Fined – paid 100 hryvnia per day for Parking. So we want to impose a restriction on the number of allowable hours of Parking depending on the area, for example, only for 2-3 hours in the center. The rate for Parking should be increased in the Central part of the city substantially – at least 50 hryvnia per hour. Also needs to be increased and penalties”, – says Dmytro Rakhmatullin.

According to officials, on July 2, 2019 the city’s Parking inspectors with the purpose to punish the offenders made 6111 regulations (as 22.12.2019). The total amount of fines issued 2 million 529 thousand UAH 150. Of them paid receipts on more than 1.75 million. The percentage is 65%.


According to officials in Kiev are plenty of car parks and Parking lots where you can Park in the city center. On the website of “Kyivtransparkservis” has detailed information about places for Parking. There are designated spaces in the shopping center, shopping center, provided the usual Parking area. And to remove the cars of violators, preventing movement, in the Kiev administration want to purchase at least 70 tow trucks.

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