In Kiev will check the legality of parking along highways

In Kiev will check the legality of parking along highways


The Department of Transport Infrastructure of the Kyiv City State Administration will check the highways of continuous and regulated traffic for unauthorized seizure of sidewalks for parking.

The CFTS writes about this with reference to the information of the Kyiv City State Administration.

“Kiev must go without traffic jams and be safe for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. It is necessary to conduct a survey of the city’s road network for unauthorized or illegal arrangement of parking areas, the seizure of part of the sidewalks and bicycle-pedestrian network. We will compile a list of addresses where they are have already been equipped, and in some cases even surprisingly legalized, and we will respond to this, “- said the deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Konstantin Usov.

He also asked the Kiev patrol police to join the check and report if they already have such addresses.

“There should be uniform standards in the city, and our task is to give them binding force,” Usov emphasized.

As a reminder, an electronic system for checking payment of fines for unpaid parking was launched in Kiev on May 1. Previously, inspectors checked information regarding parking payments with several sources and wrote out fines manually – now the whole process is carried out in a few minutes.

“According to the car number, the inspector will instantly check the payment for parking. In case of non-payment, a photograph will be taken and an evidentiary base will be generated. The system also automatically generates a message with a QR code on administrative liability. The message can be quickly printed and left at the place of the offense. on the windshield of a vehicle, “the Kyiv City State Administration reported at the time.

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