In Kievskoi region gasoline

In Kievskoi region gasoline


Retail operators working in the economy segment, this week (15-19 June) moved to higher prices for gasoline, according to the daily price monitoring “Consulting group A-95”.

In particular, the network Avantage raised prices at its stations in Kyiv region and 50 kopecks./l. as the price of A-92 rose from 16.45 to of 16.95 UAH/l For gasoline a-95 and diesel fuel – from 17.45 to 17.95 UAH/liter.

“BRSM-Nafta” in the capital region have raised prices by 30 kopecks./l for gasoline only, leaving the price of diesel fuel at the same level. A-92 in the network rose from 17.45 to 17.75 UAH/liter, A-95 – from 18.45 18.75 UAH/liter.

Motto raised the price of gasoline by 20 kopecks./l: to 16.58 UAH/liter for A-92 and 17,58 UAH/liter for A-95.


Higher prices this week and ran a network of AMIC, increasing the cost of fuel at certain stations, from 1 UAH/l At stations of this network in Kiev region, fuel prices, according to the monitoring of “A-95”, was increased from 1.20 UAH/liter.

Also the growth of retail prices recorded in the Kharkiv region, where the cost of gasoline have raised Marshal (40 UAH/l for gasoline), “Ukrgasdobycha” (50 kopecks./l) and Motto (30 kopecks./l).

Recall from late March to early may retail operators massively reduced prices following the import of quotations. For almost two months, the price fell to an average of 2.65 UAH/liter.

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