In Las Vegas stole prepared for SEMA Dodge Challenger

In Las Vegas stole prepared for SEMA Dodge Challenger


The story that happened in Las Vegas, more like action film – or a scene from GTA.

Tuners from Vermont Studio Quintin Brothers built a really impressive sample of the muscle car, utilizing for modification of engine components of famous firms ProCharger. In fact, the ProCharger booth was supposed to exhibit the result. In Vegas, the coupe was brought a week ago in the indoor trailer which dragged behind a pickup truck Ford F250.

And this pickup truck was stolen – along with a trailer. The situation was complicated and that the keys of the “Challenger” was stored inside the trailer. Finding missing, the tuners wanted to give the story maximum publicity, using all available channels. The fact of the theft of the supercar a few days before the exhibition even attracted the attention of local TV crews, and search for missing took literally the whole world.


Oddly enough, the hijackers did not, as usual, to lay low and wait till the dust settle: abducted coupe several times I carelessly cut a “penny” in different parts of the city. Police were able to eventually locate the whereabouts of a supercar, but the man who was driving, decided just to not give up and tried to throw the cops off of your tail.

Nevada Highway Patrol has asked the public”s help in locating a suspect who allegedly stole two vehicles and rammed into an NHP patrol vehicle. READ MORE:

Published FOX5 Las Vegas Thursday, October 31, 2019.

During the chase, Dodge Challenger with the hijacker behind the wheel drove into the multilevel Parking area with seemingly nowhere to go. However, here the perpetrator was able to escape into the wild, rammed a police car. In the end, the number pursuing interceptors reached fourteen, but the thief still managed to break away. Later kidnapped and beaten Dodge Challenger found in one of the Parking lots of Vegas, but the suspect is still not caught.

The final story looks quite positive: Atelier Quintin Brothers promised to put the supercar on the SEMA tuning show (it opens on Tuesday, November 5) “as is”. In turn, fans tuning managed to make a joke that avoiding the police chase of 14 cars – the best proof that the components of the ProCharger really work.

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