In London, two Ferraris decided to make a “burger” from BMW

In London, two Ferraris decided to make a “burger” from BMW


At an intersection in Central London, two Ferrari models collided: a 458 Spider and an 812 Superfast, as well as a BMW M6 Gran Coupe. As a result of the accident, all the cars are not seriously damaged, but one of the supercars got the most.

The British police continue to investigate the circumstances of the accident. It is likely that the driver of the Ferrari 458 Spider was distracted from the road and did not notice the red traffic light. As a result of inattention, a black sports car drove into a dark Ferrari 812, which, in turn, rammed a BMW M6 Gran Coupe waiting for a green signal.

As a result of the accident, all three cars were damaged. The alleged culprit of the accident suffered more than others. As a result of the impact, the Spider’s hood was crushed. The front bumper of the supercar is partially lowered, and the front left wheel was unnaturally bent, which may indicate damage to the suspension. The driver’s side airbag was activated in the car interior.

The Ferrari 812 suffered damage to its rear bumper, left wing, and exhaust system parts. Due to the fact that carbon fiber materials are used in the exterior trim elements of the supercar, you will have to pay a decent amount for the restoration of the car. Damage to the BMW M6 resulted in damage to the rear right wheel and wing. All cars left the scene of the accident on tow trucks.

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