In Los Angeles introduced electric ATVs Bollinger B1 and B2

In Los Angeles introduced electric ATVs Bollinger B1 and B2


At the auto show in Los Angeles hosted the presentation of electric SUVs Bollinger B1 and B2.

Representatives of Bollinger announced features of electric vehicles B1 and B2. SUVs received two electric motors with total capacity of 622 HP and up to first “hundred” car accelerates in 4.5 seconds

Model Bollinger B1 represents a 5-door SUV, and B2 is characterized by the presence only of the body of a pickup truck and other dimensions. It should be emphasized that both models have similar technical equipment and interior. Electric utility vehicles have a clearance of 381 mm. But the suspension has the ability to adjust the ground clearance with the aim of improving the off-road qualities. Adjustment range from 254 to 594 mm. in addition, the motors got a 2-speed gearboxes.


The interior of the car has a refined finish and rich equipment. As options are only offered air conditioning, sound system, leather steering wheel and dashboard that is upholstered with metal sheets.

According to records, SUVs Bollinger can compete with even the army special machines. Reserve SUVs Bollinger is 322 km on the EPA cycle. As the feeding element acts as a battery 120 KVI/h to increase the range, it is possible to remove some of the bodywork, which will allow to reduce the weight of the electric vehicle.

I would buy a B1 instead of a conventional SUV?

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