In may, Mercedes-Benz will stop making pickup X-Class

In may, Mercedes-Benz will stop making pickup X-Class


Mercedes-Benz in may 2020, will finally be removed from the production truck X-Class, which is produced at the factory of Nissan in Barcelona. About with reference to its own source reports Auto Motor und Sport.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class arrived in stores in late 2017. It was originally conceived as a global model, however, was in demand on a limited number of markets, such as South Africa and South Africa. Pickup wanted to release in Argentina, however, later Daimler decided that it cost too much does not coincide with the price expectations of customers in South America.


In 2018, X-Class has sold 16.7 million cars last year sales fell to 15.3 thousand units. Pickup, sharing major components and assemblies with Alaskan Renault and Nissan Navara, turned out to be too expensive compared to their “splattermania” for the mass market.

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