In Mininfrastruktury want to spend the troieschyna subway and Skytrain

In Mininfrastruktury want to spend the troieschyna subway and Skytrain


Capital troieschyna can be linked to other areas of the city line Skytrain – analogue of the German system of urban rail transport S-Bahn. In an interview with “Radio Liberty” said the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley.

“We will be sure to speak about the Kiev metro land, ??let’s call it that. The analogue of the ring of light rail. I don’t even know what to compare it to. It is in Germany called S-Bahn. This is one way how we can finally solve the problem with electric vehicles in Troyeshchina”, – said the Minister.

According to him, such a project will cost “several times cheaper” and solve the problem of transport communication with the left Bank.


“It’s incredibly relieve traffic. All of this will be network connected, and then it will all be logical logistic branching,” – said Crickley.

He noted that the timing of such a project depend on the Kiev authorities advised residents Troyeshchyna to require a speedy decision from city officials.

“We’ve been with them 2.5 weeks ago had a meeting, talked, had submitted proposals. With the participation of “uz” the meeting took place. There are certain calculations, many of the issues we take for themselves, in fact the majority. That is, from Kiev need to participate in this process by only one third. Let determined. Because bridges are expensive to build, but I think this problem is a priority”, – said the Minister of infrastructure.

A new approach or an old tale?

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