In Minsk presented the crossover Geely SX11 and the sedan Geely GE

In Minsk presented the crossover Geely SX11 and the sedan Geely GE


As the portal Chinese cars, the official premiere SX11 Geely and Geely GE Belarusian Assembly was held in Minsk. The debut of the new models was held within the 16th European automotive Congress.


At the European automotive Congress was attended by about 200 experts from 26 States constructors, engineers, designers, developers of unmanned systems, as well as other professionals. Also organized an exhibition which showcased the latest products of local production. In particular, the area in front of the National library exhibited the SX11 and crossover Geely GE sedan.

So, details became known about new products. In particular, the SKD Assembly of SUV SX11 will not begin this year, and in early 2020. At the moment collected only two cars in order to pass certification. According to preliminary data, the cost of the crossover will be about 20 thousand dollars.

The GE sedan will cost more crossover, approximately 25 thousand dollars. Unlike SX11, sedans at the plant have collected several hundred. In equipping Geely GE will be the 1.8-liter turbo engine, whose power deforsirovannom up to 150 HP it is Worth mentioning that in China, the powertrain produces 184 HP From the hybrid versions yet decided to give up.

Recall that the crossover Geely SX11 called Coolray will appear in 2020. But while we are talking about the crossover of Chinese Assembly. Is the Chinese version of the crossover are currently undergoing certification procedures in the country.

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