In Nikolaev 17 patrol cars out of service after refueling

In Nikolaev 17 patrol cars out of service after refueling


In Nikolaev at gas station “OKKO” in the car of the National police instead of gasoline poured gasoline, resulting in damaged was the 17 office machines.

The incident occurred at the gas station on the street of Astronauts, 93, reports “Crime.”with reference to a source in the police.

It is reported that at the gas station mixed up the tanks for fuel, and those that are designed for gasoline, and filled it with diesel fuel. It is known that this gas station had filled up with fuel service vehicles offices of national police and patrol police.


The incident damaged was the car “Toyota Prius”, “Mitsubishi Outlander” and “Skoda Rapid”. Previously, a couple of cars already beyond repair.

Also damaged were the new cars of “Toyota Center”. Unknown at this time exactly how many cars were damaged.

“Now deal with cars, but it is clear that everything is very bad,” said the police.

Social media users also reported that their cars filled the diesel.

“My car is also among the victims. On the hotline the complaint was admitted and told to wait for call… Refueled, and after a kilometer the cars start to knock”, – said Lyudmila Sidorenko.

In a press-service OKKO announced that the company admitted the mistake and started to compensate victims.

“Now our network fulfills all requests and communicates with customers to coordinate further action. The mistake has happened from our side. The company already compensates and offsets the costs for our customers. Request to our clients so we can most quickly and efficiently provide feedback – record your own treatment on the hotline OKKO number 0800501 101. Colleagues will record the appeal and will inform the further algorithm of actions”, – stated in the message.


Note that the replacement of fuel for a car would have serious damage, until its withdrawal from operational status. In contact with diesel fuel in diesel fuel system will not start to burn, but there will be the formation of a large number of Nagar. This will lead to the clogging of the fuel lines for petrol cars. And when the remnants of the gasoline to be used, then the engine will stall.

Where do You usually run your car? You have had similar? Be sure to write in the comments!

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