In Norway began to abandon the fuel filling stations

In Norway began to abandon the fuel filling stations


The international network of gas stations replaced the fuel column to the electric charging.

Petrol station in Oslo, which belongs to the international network of Circle K, the world’s first gas station, which replaced all of its dispensers for electrical charging for vehicles. This writes the local newspaper Vart Oslo.

“We’ve never done this before. At the pump fierce fighting for every square meter, and the dispensers continued to provide most of the traffic to our gas stations. But now in Norway is an expansion of electric Park, so fast charging is in high demand, and the number of customers is constantly increasing,” – said in Circle K.


According to representatives of the gas network, at the moment at the gas station changing the pumps to the electric charger, as the country increases the demand for fast chargers, not only in cities but also outside them.

We will remind that in July of this year, the Ukrainian government has proposed mandatory to provide new gas stations charging for electric vehicles. Appropriate changes should be made in the outdated the state building code.

You need to follow the example of Ukraine from Norway?

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