In Norway, every second new car – electric

In Norway, every second new car – electric

Norway has become a haven for pure electric vehicles, as they account for almost half of the new car market of the country in the first six months of 2019.

This is a significant improvement compared to the same period in 2018, when the proportion of pure electric cars in Norway was little more than a quarter, whereas now it has increased to 48.4%, making Norway a leading country in volume of car sales per capita.

The goal of Norway is to ban diesel and petrol vehicles to the middle of the next decade, while electric vehicles are now exempt from the high taxes, have discounts on Parking, ferry crossings and other benefits.

On the market of electric cars in Norway this year Tesla has a strong lead, holding a 24.5% market share, implementing 3760 vehicles in June, for the most part in Model 3, whereas the more expensive Model S and Model X, has reduced sales compared to last year. In addition, Tesla Model 3 became the best selling car in Norway for the first six months.

Among the other important players in the local market brands such as Hyundai, KIA, Nissan and Renault, which are among the few brands that sell pure electric cars, not hybrids. It is expected that from next year they will be joined by Ford and Mercedes-Benz.