In Norway opened a shop Polestar without sellers

In Norway opened a shop Polestar without sellers


The Swedish firm will sell its electric cars according to the new standard – without the annoying “sales consultants” and dealerships.

In Polestar believe that new products require new technology sales. So outdoor in the Norwegian Oslo showroom under the name of Polestar Space will not be a “dealership” in the traditional sense. Space with a minimalist design is planned to be used exclusively for the demonstration of machines.


The staff of the showroom will not receive any commissions from the sales that their task will be exclusively to inform visitors about the features of technologies and complete sets of electric Polestar, as well as conducting test drives (though rumor has it that a test drive will be available at the house). Chief operating officer mark Jonathan Goodman said that the new approach to automotive retail make the buying process comfortable and easy.

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At Polestar Space will be easy to understand the nuances of the design of the machines and to select appropriate colors, materials, finishes, options and the like. And all the shopping and plans of the company will occur online: purchased electric car promise to deliver straight to the door. In fact, to choose possible without a visit to the showroom, but Polestar believe that this is another opportunity for buyers to meet with the “brand values”.

The Polestar approach to car sales?

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