In November, again increased the demand for used cars

In November, again increased the demand for used cars


In November, its first registration in Ukraine were 28.8 thousand used cars imported from abroad, according to Ukrautoprom. This is 2.5 times more than in November last year.

Recall that last month there were a little over 8.5 thousand new cars.

The result cleared preowned cars covered 77% of the primary market passenger cars, a year earlier their share was 61 percent.

The most popular age group among which changed the nationality of the cars, there were cars, there were 8 or more years ago. Over 57% reported in the previous month the import of second-hand cars were up to the 2011 release.

And the most popular brand remains Volkswagen. In the past month, 4.8 thousand cars of this German brand has changed its foreign owners in Ukrainian.


The second most popular was Skoda, 2.7 thousand b/at-shnyh car which was registered in November.

In third place was Renault with a result of 2,5 thousand cars.

The Ford vehicle showed the fourth result – it was chosen by nearly 2.4 thousand.

The top five leaders of Opel, the credit of which about 1.9 thousand rooms.

Since the beginning, the Ukrainian residence received 377,4 thousand of secondhand cars, which is 4 times more than the previous year and almost in 5 times exceeded the sales of new cars over the same period.

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