In Odessa municipal electric transportation market methods could oust the bus

In Odessa municipal electric transportation market methods could oust the bus


In Odessa, summed up the results of passenger transportation all types of transport and noted a positive tendency of growth of demand for services of municipal electric transport, in comparison with the buses of private carriers. Moreover, the city electric vehicle for the first time in 14 years became a leader in the transportation of passengers and took 62% of the Odessa market – reports Passenger transport.

Held on October 21 in Odessa city hall the meeting the Deputy Director of KP “Odesgorelektrotrans” Natalia Kolesnichenko said that for the first nine months of 2019, from January through September, electric vehicle Odessa carried 146 million passengers. For comparison, for the same nine months of 2018, the figure was 126,6 million passengers. Also, according to Kolesnichenko, the increased volume of transport work, expressed in the total mileage of trams and trolleybuses: 10 million 702 thousand kilometers in 9 months vs 2019 9.25 million kilometers for 9 months of 2018.

Overall, said Natalia Kolesnichenko, volume of traffic, transport Odessa for the first time since 2005 “has overtaken” the buses and taxis, to regain, thus, leadership. The share of electric transport now accounts for 62%. Thus, the total ridership of urban transport Odessa for 9 months is almost 235,5 million passengers. Increased financial performance. KP “Odesgorelektrotrans” earned 145,8 million, and is three quarters more than last year – then was 82,3 million. Also, increased income from sale of tickets – from 5.5 to 9.9 million.

Due to which managed municipal transport to become a leader? First, it supplies for 2018 47 of all new vehicles purchased at the expense of the EBRD loan. In addition, in 2018-2019, overhauled a few old machines. All these measures allowed to increase the total output on the trams up to 150-160 units (including some two-car trains), and bus – up to 100 or even more units. All in all, the city’s trolleybus 173, 119 of which are serviceable, including 73 modern low-floor trolleybus.


Thus, by increasing the number of electric vehicles on the routes and significant growth in the quality of transportation due to the launch of new equipment and optimization of the routes of the electric vehicle began to win the minibuses not only in price but also in quality. This also happens on the background of gradual “aging” of the fleet of buses of small capacity of private bus operators and the lack of their system updates.

Odessa was an example of how market methods and the right approach for a short time, the electric utility was able to press the “minibuses”. At the same time, the city authorities did not apply any repressive actions by private carriers in the form of prohibitions and restrictions. Passengers have chosen the transport, which became for them more comfortable and convenient. And experience of Odessa is applicable to other cities of Ukraine.

It is worth noting that Odessa has focused on eco-friendly electric vehicle and optimally use its own resources and borrowed funds. In the end, the maximum development of the electric vehicle, not a bus Park.

If Kyiv repeat the success of Odessa and that he need to do?

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