In Odessa, the authorities initiated a war chargers for electric vehicles

In Odessa, the authorities initiated a war chargers for electric vehicles


In Odessa, the local authorities initiated the struggle with public charging for electric vehicles. The reason for this decision is alleged that the charge violated the rules of street trade.

This was announced by co-founder of EcoFactor Vladimir Reverb in the Facebook community Odessa Electrocars. As proof of his words he published received instruction from management of development of the consumer market and protection of consumer rights with the requirement to disassemble the charger as it is installed with violation of Rules of placing of elements of the street trade for entrepreneurial activities in the city.

Thus, according to him, this order and other operators of charging stations (and there are fitopatogene).


“The Odessa city hall starts a war against electric cars! Yesterday at many charging stations in the Kiev district of the city had orders to dismantle, and it affected all operators. Prescriptions received even disabled the station and personal near the entrances of houses. Apparently to breathe clean air is harmful to the city, care about our health. Install charging station is an enormous work, not counting the cost of the station. The short-sightedness of officials is sending our city into the era of the internal combustion engine, and inhibits the development of infrastructure, forcing you to burn fossil fuels which will lead us to global warming. To enable the brain apparently is a complex process and is not spelled out in the job description,” writes Revere.

Came home in the evening and happiness. On my personal station near the house on the premises of the condominium, and connected it to my apartment.

Published by Vladimir Reverol Sunday, 12th January 2020

In the same document it is noted that exercises need to be removed until January 18. Otherwise, it will make employees of the Department of consumer market development and consumer protection of Odessa city Council, and all costs associated with dismantling, transportation and storage of the charger have to pay the owner.

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