In Paris the hooligans defeated the salon Ducati

In Paris the hooligans defeated the salon Ducati

Immigrants from Algeria defeated the Ducati salon in Paris. In addition to the motorcycle, damage to other objects in the center of the French capital. So fans celebrated the victory of his team in a football match.

The riots began around midnight. The fans began to break the Windows. Store Ducati they issued gloves, helmets, and even took a few actual motorcycles.

When to a scene there has arrived police, she had to use tear gas to disperse the raging fans. Suffered no fewer than 20 policemen. The number of victims among the fans is not called.

Why had rioted in Paris when they played the national teams of Algeria and côte d’ivoire, and the match actually took place in Egypt is unclear. The event was commented by the head of the interior Ministry of France. He called the behavior of fans is unacceptable. At the end of riots, the police arrested 43 people in Paris and another 31 in other cities, where so too celebrated the victory of the Algerian national team over the national team of côte d’ivoire and the semi-finals of the African Cup of Nations. Who will indemnify Ducati is still unknown.

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