In Poland, Volkswagen was fined a record $31 million

In Poland, Volkswagen was fined a record $31 million


Volkswagen Polska, representing the German brand in Poland, has received a large fine.

The Polish government, is responsible for protecting consumers believes that the automotive company deliberately understated the results of the tests for harmful substances in the marketed models.

So the Agency has decided to fine Volkswagen Polska 120 million PLN, which translated into dollars – more than 31 million. In the state organization said that this is the largest fine for all the years of its existence.

Similar story on a large scale happens with the company Volkswagen is not the first time. Earlier, the German automobile manufacturer established by the model code that underestimated indicators research exhaust.


This allowed the manufacturer to overcome the established States of the barriers and to sell cars that exceeded the permissible limits several times. Thus the head of the group wanted to save on the development of environmental powertrains.

Will there be claims in the company’s head office, this time is not yet known.

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