In Shanghai debut “bronze” concept Chery

In Shanghai debut “bronze” concept Chery

Mark Exeed, owned by Chinese company Chery and aimed at the European market, has introduced the concept of E-IUV. This electric car will become a platform to demonstrate the “core values of the brand”: intelligence, attention to detail and “inner energy”.

E-IUV is painted in bronze color body with partially visible Windows and an abundance of sharp edges. The overall style concept reminiscent of the work of the design centre Peugeot. For example, the prototype Onyx and Instinct. Novelty is equipped with asymmetric doors and side glazing made of some new material.

The equipment concept Exeed E-IUV includes a touch control system on the basis of the holographic projection, a 180-degree swivel front passenger seat, the air suspension. In the car is “original natural elements”, however, what this implies is not yet known. The interior uses modern materials – probably technical fabrics.

The first production model of the brand Exeed was the crossover TX. It M3X platform developed in collaboration with Dana, BorgWarner, Valeo and Getrad. The SUV is equipped with petrol turbo 1.6 T-GDI (197 HP) and a seven-step “robot” with two clutches. It is expected that the line will also appear hybrid.

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