In Singapore experienced flying taxi Volocopter

In Singapore experienced flying taxi Volocopter


German startup Volocopter, which the Geely Holding Group has invested € 50 million, conducted a test flight of its air taxi in Singapore.

As emphasized in the firm, the debut test flight of the aircraft over Singapore Bay and Marina Bay lasted about 2 minutes. It was a manned flight, but it is expected that in the future they will become completely Autonomous. Manufacturer air taxi Volocopter first held a public demonstration flights in Germany, UAE and Finland.

According to the Director of the project Volocopter Florian Reiter, an important milestone in the introduction of a new type of air mobility in the urban transport network.

Volocopter is one of several companies that are developing a drone flying taxi with an electric drive. Since its founding in 2011, the company has created 3 generations of helicopters-multicopters Volocopter, two of which has issued a license for manned and unmanned flights for a total amount of 35 million euros. In addition to Geely Holding Group, one of the main investors of the project Volocopter speaks German automaker Daimler AG.

Flying machines Volocopter build capacity for unloading of city roads and give people a real chance to move quickly from one point to another at speeds up to 110 km/h.


Regardless of the possible risks associated with safety and cost, flying machines Volocopter is considered one of the most promising and environmentally friendly alternatives to the classic forms of transport.

The firm has conducted many public presentations, the viability of vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) and is now going to get a full commercial license of the European aviation safety Agency (EASA).

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