In Suzuki mentioned about the new Hayabusa

In Suzuki mentioned about the new Hayabusa


While no specifics – only the important words from officials, giving hope for a speedy debut hyperbike the next generation.

In recent years, the company of Suzuki’s great all tired from waiting for her intriguing new products at the head of the revived Busa and get another modified version of the famous motorcycle. And then, finally, from the mouth of the Director General Suzuki Mr Uchida sounded then, so everyone wanted to hear. “Many customers wait for the new Hayabusa, we’ll take care of them in the very near future,” he said at a corporate conference. Then a reasonable question arises: soon is when? After all, before EICMA and Tokyo 2020 autumn exhibitions still far away. However, it is possible that the motorcycle show before. Whatever it was, covered with a Busa will break soon and the wait is definitely worth it.


No doubt, the novelty will make a huge leap forward in electronics, and thus will differ from the old school analog “warm lamp” predecessor. In addition, according to unofficial sources, “Falcon” will try inline four-cylinder engine increased volume, which will be reflected in its name GSX1400R.

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