In terms of social distancing made the first Range Rover

In terms of social distancing made the first Range Rover


After a break in production due to pandemic coronavirus, may 20, the first Range Rover produced under conditions of social distancing, left the factory Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull.

The company gradually returned to standard production conditions, with the result that there are effective measures condescension, hygiene and monitoring the health of employees. Carefully examined all production sites, engineering and office space along with public areas. In the first place – the health and welfare of employees, so in the new Protocol, since the return to work, the staff will see significant changes. This week, about 2,500 employees will return to work.


Among the security measures: checking the temperature with a thermal imager, a six-foot distance between the employees, use of personal protective equipment, enhanced disinfection in factories and the like. Jaguar Land Rover offers each employee made by the company reusable protective visor for the face.

Production Director Jaguar Land Rover Grant MacPherson confirmed his readiness to restore the pace of work:

“Looking like the first Range Rover off the production – it feels an exciting time for Jaguar Land Rover, employees and other businesses out of our supply chain. It means the end of the time break and signals the beginning of a return to a normal state of Affairs. But, of course, is the new normal”.

Before returning to work, in addition to new restrictive measures, employees will be offered to implement additional. For example, filling out a medical questionnaire online, the signing of the Charter on health and well-being, monitoring the temperature at home before each shift.

The chief physician of Jaguar Land Rover, Dr Steve Riley, acknowledged that the company has experienced unprecedented times associated with COVID-19.

“The safety and welfare of the family Jaguar Land Rover is our main concern. We have developed effective Protocol and guidelines that employees felt peace when returning to the workplace. Activities have been developed based on medical research and operational monitoring, given the experience of our teams in China and Slovakia. We continue to monitor the situation, following instructions of authorities in the markets where they work. At the same time and quickly adapt to their advice”.


This week the production of Jaguar and Land Rover also resumed in Nitra (Slovakia) and Graz (Austria). Last week the team of the Center for the production of engines in Wolverhampton (UK) started to produce engines Ingenium, the company gradually returned to manufacturing vehicles. The first stage of production will recover in Helvede (UK) on 8 June. In castle Bromwich scheduled some important events, because Jaguar Land Rover is preparing for the launch of the new model year. Total production plant in Changsha (China) is open from mid-February.

Gradually weaken the country’s requirements for social distancing, and dealerships in particular markets again. Accordingly, on the restart of production at other plants Jaguar Land Rover announced later depending on the situation.

In Ukraine the official dealer centres of Jaguar Land Rover in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Odessa are working in compliance with all security measures and recommendations of the Ministry of health and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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