In the Central terminal in new York hosted an exhibition of supercars Pagani

In the Central terminal in new York hosted an exhibition of supercars Pagani


Part of the unusual exhibition includes six assorted supercars. In the audience there is no shortage of daily hypercar at the Italian automaker are looking around 750 thousand people.

On the market of supercars Pagani brand is considered a young player, but definitely ambitious. She constantly competes with a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, which predominated in this niche for decades. But Pagani still made myself at least a strong reputation. Visual confirmation that the opening of the exhibition of supercars Pagani in the Central terminal new York, pass through daily 750,000. Today the exhibition is now coming to an end, however, visitors and residents of new York a few days was a unique opportunity to see in one place the best models of the brand.

Five of them belong to the category of the Zonda is the Zonda R, Zonda F, Zonda Cinque, Zonda HP Barchetta, and also the first production car the Zonda, which debuted at the Geneva motor show in 1999. Sixth supercar – the Huayra Roadster BC shown at the beginning of 2019.


Photos from the event portal publishes foreign In addition to cars, the exhibition could get acquainted with the history of the brand. Special place here is the biography of the founder of the company Horacio Pagani. The visitors told of his move from Argentina to Italy, internship at Lamborghini and so in some degree influenced the choice of location for the exhibition. According to Horacio Pagani, Grand Central Terminal is an iconic location where many immigrants in search of their “American dream.” So himself Pagani went through it.

“I hope that the people of new York and passing through the terminal, people will like to see my work and learn how a commitment to hard work, sacrifice, and passion will help anyone realize their dream,” said Horacio Pagani.

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