In the fight for global leadership: the new crossover Toyota Frontlander

In the fight for global leadership: the new crossover Toyota Frontlander


Japanese manufacturer Toyota in the Chinese patent office has patented the name for their new SUV to have seven seats. Novelty called Frontlander. It is with this name Toyota Harrier fourth generation will appear on the world market.

Note that in mid-April, the group demonstrated image and published the technical capabilities of the updated generation Harrier for the Japanese market. The car is built on a modular architecture of the GA-K, which became the basis for the business of the Camry sedan and RAV4 SUV.


The appearance of the Harrier the next model year got a lot of changes when compared with the previous model. The car has become more rampant and brutal appearance, a sophisticated pointy lines in the head part of the body.

Auto interior flaunts rethought head panel, electronic instrument panel in a maximum variations, versions, information and entertainment complex with a retractable widescreen touch display, the designer pane in the center, looks like a saddle, and luxurious finishing materials from natural wood and leather.

Dimensions of the updated Harrier has grown. Thus, the length of the car increased by 15 mm and has now reached 4 740 mm, width up to 1 855 mm with increment of 20 mm between the axles there are 2 690 mm with the addition of 30 mm, the height remained the same 1 660 mm.

“The fourth” cross received in the motor space two-liter atmospheric engine power of 171 horse from the RAV4 or the hybrid engine e-Four, including the gasoline 2.5-liter unit, generating 178 HP and an electric motor on the rear axle. In tandem functions a stepless variable speed transmission CVT. The front drive is offered and full.

The list of features Partinico specify: option accident prevention, intelligent cruise control, the possibility of semi-Autonomous administration in the occupied lane, the video camera 360 degrees, the electric tailgate, and a panoramic roof with electrocom.


The beginning of realization of the Toyota Harrier at the native car market is scheduled for June 17 this year. In China, Toyota Frontlander will be sold in the autumn, and later the car will also reach the American market.

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