In the footsteps of Outback: Subaru announced a new Forester Wilderness

In the footsteps of Outback: Subaru announced a new Forester Wilderness


This is the second model in the Wilderness line after the Outback.

Earlier this year, Subaru unveiled its first Wilderness lineup based on the Outback, and now the company is teasing the public with another new addition. The Japanese automaker has released two teasers of the second upcoming Wilderness model, and all the clues point to the Forester. The teasers do not reveal much, although it is fairly easy to determine which car in Subaru’s lineup will receive the next off-road upgrade.

The first teaser shows the Subaru Wilderness door icon just behind the front fender, which includes a portion of the side mirror. The mirror rod sits on the “fold” of the body above the badge, and the only car to have this styling feature in the Subaru lineup is the Forester. The image also shows some of the wheel arch trim that looks unique to this Wilderness.

The second Wilderness teaser image shows a bit more of the car, although it doesn’t really reveal much. We can see more of the massive wheel arch liner. The image also shows the door badge, side mirror and steering column lever.

What we are missing are the mechanical improvements Subaru will bring to this model. We can expect some welcome updates that should delight off-road enthusiasts. The Outback has a raised suspension that improves the crossover’s ride height and drive-in, drop-off and lift-off angles, unique wheels and a front skid plate, and these updates should be coming to Forester Wilderness.

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Subaru also introduced the Outback Wilderness with new, stiffer front and rear bumpers that also improved its off-road agility, and we’d expect the Forester Wilderness or some other Subaru model to get the same styling tweaks. It is unlikely that Subaru will make any powertrain updates to the new Wilderness as the Outback has not received any technical upgrades.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Subaru Forester from the FineAuto team:

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