In the garage I found a “Zaporozhets” with no mileage and in factory grease

In the garage I found a “Zaporozhets” with no mileage and in factory grease


In one of the garages of the Kherson region in Ukraine found ZAZ-968M with almost no mileage. On the odometer the car was driven only 71 kilometers. The car is almost 30 years stood without movement, his body still covered in the factory preservative grease.

Photos and video of the time capsule shared blogger Roma Urraco. This model of “Zaporozhets” – a version of cars for the disabled with the index of MD. Such machines often were given to veterans of the great Patriotic war through the social welfare authorities. Zaporizhzhya plant produced four such modification: this copy is intended for people with damage to one leg.

The management of this “Zaporozhets” is significantly different from the standard version. The car has only one pedal, which serves as a clutch and as a brake is used a large l-shaped lever on the Central tunnel. The fuel supply is carried out with the help podrulevyh petals.


In the engine compartment 968M installed V-shaped four-cylinder engine MeMZ-968Н a volume of 1.2 liters, which along with a carb-To-127 allow the car a mass of 840 kilograms can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour for 32 seconds. The maximum speed that can develop “Zaporozhets”, is 118 kilometers per hour.

In early December last year, the blogger tested the same model – he made a review of the exact same “Zaporozhets”, which also was partially manual control and is quite humble for a nearly 30-year-old car the mileage of 121 miles. And found the car also in the garage in Ukraine, but this time in Kiev.

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