In the German offices were searched Mitsubishi

In the German offices were searched Mitsubishi


The German authorities have raided several buildings associated with the German division of Mitsubishi Motors Corp., in the investigation of cases of alleged installed on some diesel cars sold in the country, software which underestimates the data about the emissions, writes The Wall Street Journal, reports Hubs.

The investigation, officially launched in mid-November coincided with the scandal of 2015. Then the US government has accused Volkswagen AG to use, allows you to manipulate the tests on the conformity of engines with environmental standards. Later the automaker has admitted to fraud and has now spent a total of more than $30 billion to pay the fines, damages and payment of costs related to the conduct of litigation.

Mitsubishi has not been charged. It is not clear how many vehicles would be expected to be installed software, but according to prosecutors, these cars may lose their certificate, and they will not be able to drive on public roads.


The representative of the management of Mitsubishi in Europe, said the company first learned of the investigation Tuesday, when the police raided the offices of the centre for research and development – Mitsubishi Motor R&D Europe GmbH – German distributor and MMD Automobile GmbH.

According to the Prosecutor Nadi Niesen in Frankfurt-on-main, the investigation was initiated in November, after the German KBA transport regulator found evidence of the use of illegally installed software on the number of Mitsubishi vehicles during the inspection.

“We are just starting to learn about the entire situation,” – said the representative of Mitsubishi Motors Europe B. V. Daniel Narciss.

“Of course we will fully cooperate, but so far we are not sure what is the matter,” he added.

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