In the Netherlands, started to use a garbage truck to electric

In the Netherlands, started to use a garbage truck to electric


The city of Zwolle (Zwolle) in the Netherlands has become home to the first (of four) electromyograms DAF. The basis for the development of a garbage truck with zero emissions has become a two-axle truck DAF CF Electric. The latest in 2019 have already used in its fleet of Dutch and German companies involved in the transport of large cargo in the city, as well as supermarkets. CF Electric meant for full weight up to 37 tons.

DAF CF Electric

Electromyograms DAF differs triaxial design (with driven rear axle that allows you to effectively maneuver in the city), full load up to 28 tons, and the electrified system load of garbage. Powerplant – the same, which results in movement of the standard CF Electric: electric motor with output of 210 kW (286 HP) and 2000 Nm using a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 170 kWh.

This power unit (manufactured by the Dutch company VDL) allows the vehicle with two axles to overcome on a single charge is approximately 100 km. the assurance DAF, batteries for the needs of a garbage truck will also be missed, because every few hours of working time these cars arrive for unloading. It’s then possible to recharge the battery to 80 % it can be recharged in 30 minutes and full charging takes 1.5 hours.


According to the CEO of ROVA Marco van Lente, use an electric truck for waste disposal will be as easy as tractors with internal combustion engines-governmental power plants. “We truly believe that to participate in the process of transition to other sources of energy need from the beginning… commissioning of vehicles with low emissions is part of our sustainable development plan” – says van Lente.

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