In the Netherlands women actively touting work truckers

In the Netherlands women actively touting work truckers


The Netherlands launched a national campaign urging women dalnobojshik to solve the problem with a shortage of trucks drivers.

It is reported by the CTS, with reference to the Cargo information.LT.

In connection with sharp shortage of personnel in the transport sector of the country, in the Netherlands started a national campaign to attract women truckers. According to local media reports, now in the Netherlands there is a shortage of about 5.2 thousand truck drivers.

As expected, the problem of teacher shortages will be addressed through the active involvement of women at present, the share of truckers accounts for about 3% of the 87 thousand drivers.

Now in the Netherlands consider the implementation of the accelerated training of women truckers.

Overall, according to statistics, in the EU women dalnoboishiki are about 1% of the total number of drivers in the US this figure is slightly higher – about 5%.

Germany fears staff shortages truck drivers: every year the pension goes about 30 thousand drivers, and they come to replace almost half of novice drivers. Industry representatives say that soon in Germany, the crisis can begin deliveries.

What you need to do to solve this problem?

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