In the Network appeared pictures of the BMW 1 series without camouflage

In the Network appeared pictures of the BMW 1 series without camouflage

In the network appeared the pictures of BMW 1 series new generation. The hatchback will get redesigned with elements from X2 and 3 Series (G20), will move to a FWD platform, and in version M135i XDrive will come with a turbo engine M Performance, as in the crossover X2 M35i.

BMW 1 Series in the back of the F40 built on front-drive architecture FAAR. It has evolved from the UKL2 platform, used in the construction of X1, the latest generation. The transition to a new “truck” has helped to keep overall dimensions as the current model, but slightly increase the space in the cabin. Judging by the photos, the appearance of the “penny” will overlap and X2, and with the BMW 3 Series (G20).

Modification M135i XDrive will receive two-liter turbo engine from X2 M35i, which is the crossover produces 306 forces and 450 Nm of torque. Standard for this car will be a four-wheel drive and vosmidiapazonnym “automatic” Steptronic. In addition, the top of “cents” on the M Sport differential in the front axle. According to rumors, the line may appear more powerful version M145i. It would be a hybrid with a return of about 400 forces.

The new BMW 1 series will be the first model c engine, which adapted the traction control system from ARB electric BMW i3s. ARB is a controller installed directly in the engine control unit. It is 10 times faster detects loss of grip and is able to more accurately control the flow of the moment.

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