In the network appeared the images of the crossover Audi RS Q3

In the network appeared the images of the crossover Audi RS Q3

A guy named Rohit shared with the edition images of the crossover Audi RS Q3, made in the South of Spain. The car was camouflaged slightly differently than earlier samples.

That the lens of Rohit hit it Audi RS Q3 there is no doubt. In addition to the careful masking of the front of the machine, testers have concealed characteristic extended wheel arches: similar to the scheme of pasting in the Audi was used previously during testing, the RS Q3 on the North loop of the nürburgring, for example. While the rear bumper now hidden completely. In his corner there is a small “naked” rectangular area. Most likely, there is one of the sensors of the driver assistance system.

That before us is no ordinary Audi Q3 is also indicated by the low suspension. If the standard “ku-third” is perceived as a crossover, the car in the photo looks more like a hatchback with a high roof. According to rumors, the Q3 RS will receive 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo engine with a capacity of at least 400 forces. Those who have seen the car in action, I assure you that the sound issue is very impressive.

Despite the fact that the development of the RS Q3 completed and current trials are likely to “resource” in nature, one should not expect a mad Q3 this year. For purely marketing reasons before the debut of the RS Q3, the guys from Ingolstadt should represent a little less crazy SQ3 row two-liter “four”.