In the network appeared the photo of the crazy SUV Bonkers Armortruck

In the network appeared the photo of the crazy SUV Bonkers Armortruck


In the network appeared the photo of the crazy SUV that was designed for military purposes. No data on the intentions to build this car.

When it comes to armored vehicles for military use, come immediately to mind such machines as Arquus Scarabee in the French army or Rezvani Tank X with protection from electromagnetic pulses. You can also consider Inkas Civilian Sentry in case if you are looking for something that can withstand explosions from hand grenades.

Those armored cars are cool, but nothing compares with the SUV Armortruck, which is presented as a concept.


This car was invented and created by artist Milen Ivanov, who is known for his other crazy conceptual visualizations – Concepto Lamborghini X Audi RS Concept. His latest project, called Armortruck is probably his best creation. We can only imagine how many hours or days were spent on the creation of this vehicle.

The artist has provided all the information about the SUV Amortruck. As one would expect from a military vehicle, the concept comes with a body made of steel, titanium, Kevlar and carbon fiber. Glass is a multi-layer of “special material that is incredibly strong”. It is assumed that even the wheels are bulletproof.

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Under capom this monster is a hybrid motor that can produce up to 2000 horsepower. He also has night vision function and regeneration and filtration of oxygen on the roof, which makes this an armored car ready for a biochemical war, or even space exploration.

How do you design a SUV?

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