In the Network published photos of extremely low VW Beetle

In the Network published photos of extremely low VW Beetle


Old Volkswagen Beetle often becomes the object of tuning in this time, the Network published photos of an extremely lowered car, the body is covered with artificial rust in the style of rat-look.

The car is part of a collection of Mexican blogger-millionth @jucaviapri. The author of the project explains his unusual project that all people can be different views on the exterior of the show car, and each of them deserves respect. So was born the idea to build an unusual Beetle.

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No se ni como expresar lo que me siento honrado de esto Cuando pens…? en el proyecto del vocho ten?a algo muy claro “Quiero que sea el vocho m?s loco del mundo” y jam?s pens? que fuera a llegar a esto, @the_kyza , una persona a la cual ADMIRO muy cabr?n, me pregunt? si pod?a modelar el vocho porque le hab?a encantado, ME CAGU?, y pues aqu? los resultados! Id?ntico a la realidad!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH BROTHER, KEEP ON CRUSHING IT!!! Mad respect for you and your work ? ATR?VANSE A HACER COSAS LOCAS BANDERA! NO DUDEN DE SUS IDEAS ????

Publication from JUCA (@jucaviapri)26 Jan 2020 2:48 PST

The car is unusual in that the first was built by the project itself, and then the artist Kyzyl Salim drew a render of this model. Moreover, to distinguish a “pixel” version of this is almost impossible.


An unusual project features a giant spoiler, a diffuser and negative camber angle of the rear wheels, making the Beetle a very low and wide. Specially “aged” body, as if covered with rust, adds to the car color.

Volkswagen Beetle – the iconic car brand that continues to love even after withdrawing from the production. It is often the basis of different projects and show cars. For example, in may 2019, the carpenter of Peru built their own version of the car with an entirely wooden body. He drove the car more than 20 thousand kilometers to new York to personally present his daughter.

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