In the Network surfaced photos of the new Roadster Ferrari Superfast 812

In the Network surfaced photos of the new Roadster Ferrari Superfast 812

The photo was published on Instagram, taken during a closed presentation, and details are not revealed yet. Picture was published, one of the company’s customers, before the official presentation of the Ferrari with a V12 and an open top.


Ferrari is preparing for the debut of its own Superfast 812 Roadster Ferrari Spider, the debut of which can pass on the days before the Frankfurt motor show. However, the design of the car was revealed by one of the clients of the company, which posted a photo of the car with a closed presentation. Unfortunately, the picture does not allow to consider the design of the sliding roof. It with identical success can be removable or collapsible.

Roadster quite easily can be distinguished from the standard version for more massive front uprights, missing Windows behind the front doors, and the presence of additional supports behind the seats.

According to unconfirmed information, the presentation will take place on 9 September. 812 Superfast Ferrari Spider will get a 6.5-liter atmospheric V12 engine capable of developing up to 800 horsepower and 718 Nm of torque. Together with him will work robotized transmission with seven gears.


The spider on the base 812 Superfast will be the first production front-engined Ferrari supercar with an open top and a V12 engine.

What most strongly impresses the new 812 Superfast Spider?

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