In the new formula car McLaren from 1.4 thousand lego parts hid the clue

In the new formula car McLaren from 1.4 thousand lego parts hid the clue


The Lego company has released a new set of the Technic series: from 1.4 thousand bricks you can assemble a small copy of the McLaren car, and this is not yet presented a car of the 2022 season. When assembled, the car reaches 65 centimeters, a width of 27 centimeters, and a height of 13 centimeters. McLaren sponsor stickers included.

Traditionally, Lego employs specialists in the development of such large-scale sets, in this case, the designer was worked on by expert engineers from the McLaren Racing team. The assembled car is made in compliance with the proportions of the original, equipped with a V6 engine, steering, which is activated from the cab, suspension and differential lock. The constructor consists of 1432 parts.

McLaren Racing Executive and Technical Director James Key has hinted that although the car is in the colors of the 2021 season (these are the iconic colors of McLaren, first used by the team in the 1960s with team founder Bruce McLaren), it also gives fans a nod to the new 2022 F1 car design. He did not explain exactly what he was talking about, but you can see that the Lego racing car has a slightly different front wing.

Since 2021, the McLaren team has changed the Renault engine to the Mercedes engine, and last year’s car was MCL35M. The best stage for the team in 2021 was Monza, when they scored 45 points in one weekend: a winning double, a point for the best lap and another point in the sprint. McLaren ended the season fourth overall with 275 points.

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