In the Nissan wanted to get rid of Carlos Ghosn. New facts!

In the Nissan wanted to get rid of Carlos Ghosn. New facts!


Available Bloomberg was emails top managers of Nissan two years ago that discussed the need to neutralize the initiative of Carlos Ghosn about the merger of the Japanese brand and the French automaker Renault. Representatives of Nissan to deny everything and say that the correspondence was fabricated.

According to Bloomberg, in 2018, senior staff, Nissan of emails proposed to counteract the Rut, to thwart his plans of merger of Nissan and Renault. 19 November of the same year, Carlos Ghosn was arrested by the Tokyo Prosecutor’s office – he was charged with breach of trust, falsification of financial reports on income and fraud. Shortly after the arrest of Nissan and Renault Ghosn dismissed from leadership positions.

Some time, the rut has been in prison, after which he was put under house arrest. At the end of 2019, the former head of the Alliance has escaped from Japan to Lebanon, where it is still situated.


A week after his big escape, Carlos Ghosn made a statement in which he said that he ran “not from justice but from injustice and political persecution.” He continues to deny his guilt and claims that the case against him initiated by Nissan employees, including the then CEO of Hiroto Saikawa and other former and current Japanese managers. They helped the Japanese officials, but their names gon was not called.

Nissan has repeatedly denied the accusations, and a new twist in the case was not an exception. The Financial Times quotes the comment of the merged emails in the case of Gon:

“We are aware that the number of documents, which several times was sent to the media. We assume that they were forged or fabricated to create the illusion that they are written by Nissan employees”.

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