In the old greenhouse, found a collection of classic Jaguar

In the old greenhouse, found a collection of classic Jaguar


An unusual discovery was made by the new owner of large greenhouses in the British village of Beaulieu.

In the news meet on a regular basis news about the strange car discoveries: the grandson will find in grandma’s garage unique Lamborghini, the rare “Lada” notices in the dustbin in the UK. Now in the British village of Beaulieu to find a private collection of classic cars Jaguar. This vintage wealth was kept in the greenhouse. Collection found the new owner of greenhouses. Removing the covers from the machines, he found that most of them – the Jaguar E-type. Also met roadsters Jaguar XK140 and XK150.

All this is forgotten, the collection consisted of 30 pieces of vintage “Jaguars”. Up to the present day machines came in a pretty sorry state. The specific climate of the greenhouse they were not spared, and in one of the “Jaguars” even found a bird’s nest.


Despite this, the owner of Beaulieu Garage bought unusual collection. Those cars that have survived best are offered for sale. They need only the minimum THEN. The remaining cars are in need of serious restoration.

What would You do with such a find?

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