In the old Land Rover installed a steam engine. Video

In the old Land Rover installed a steam engine. Video


While the youth “swap” LS, JZ and other similar engines, the 70-year-old Briton swap the 110-year-old steam engine! If there was a “Swap of the Year” award, then this Land Rover simply would not have competitors.

70-year-old Briton Frank Rothwell, who previously became famous for his public struggle with Alzheimer’s, having crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat, made perhaps the most interesting tuning project of the year. While some put electric motors and a Tesla battery in Land Rover, Frank went in a completely different direction. He bought a 1910 steam engine. Locked in a workshop with his 110-year-old steam engine and a 1967 classic Land Rover and showed it to the world!

There is a truth in this ferry car and several drawbacks. First, unfortunately, we had to abandon the all-wheel drive transmission. Secondly, the dynamics and top speed have sagged decently. The top speed is only 12 mph (19.3 km / h). Although the original Land Rover was not radically faster.

The project is absurd and ingenious at the same time. However, it is these cars that are remembered like no others.

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