In the Porsche called the weak link Taycan his driver

In the Porsche called the weak link Taycan his driver


Porsche say that the first in the history of the car with electric propulsion can demonstrate their impressive acceleration again and again.

As you know, Taycan Porsche Turbo reaches 100 kilometers per hour in 3.2 seconds and the Turbo S – just for 2.8. The maximum speed of both versions is 260 kilometers per hour, but the reserve is 450 kilometers from the Turbo version and 412 – the Turbo S. But it is equally important that the “Taikang” ready to demonstrate the claimed features over and over again without losing dynamics.


At least, so said the publication Motoring, the head of chassis development of the project Taycan Ingo Albers. He says that “the driver will get tired before the car.” According to him, the electric car can accelerate in a mode launch control as much as anything, because his options are limited appliances and only the driver.

“After 20 or 25 launches from a standstill to 200 kilometers per hour to the limit you surrender, I promise,” added Albers.

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