In the PRC continued to record a drop in demand for cars

In the PRC continued to record a drop in demand for cars


The Chinese Association of automobile manufacturers (LAPP) reported a decline in sales of passenger cars. In China in September this year, it sold 1.9 million cars, as a result, the lower demand for cars was 6.3%. Negative dynamics is fixed for the fifteenth consecutive month. The reason for this situation experts have called the slowdown in the economic growth and trade disputes with the United States. In addition, sales performance was influenced by the fact that in 15 cities and provinces in China early established by the Central government of the period introduced new emission standards, says Ukrautoprom.


In the first nine months of 2019, the Chinese car market fell by almost 12% to 15.2 million units.

Despite this, China remains the world’s largest automobile market. According to the forecast of SAAM, in 2019, the decline in sales in the Chinese market may reach 5% compared to last year, when it sold 23 million 790 thousand cars.

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