In the segment elektronikov a new manufacturer

In the segment elektronikov a new manufacturer

The French company Newron Motorcycles is going to declare itself the following year with the release of their first electric motorcycle.

Newron Motorcycles appeared a couple of years ago and the development of the first model of electrocycle collaborated with the Advans Group, known for its support of environmentally friendly projects. Besides, this topic is gaining popularity in the motor industry, but the French and advance my own project.

True information about the upcoming new virtually no. There are only renders of the model with a very unusual design and in 2020 will be only 12 copies. Apparently, on further production needs to tell the reaction of the public and clients.

At first glance, the bike catches the eye wooden fairings, but in fact it is certainly not wood, and the material it is imitating. Surely, the developers, as those who worked on the design of the Arc Vector, give to understand thus about the sustainability of their transport.

Other details and live photos, you may want to wait for the autumn exhibition EICMA 2019.

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